Popup Events for Calendar Module

Last month I configured a site to display popup windows for events instead of taking user to the full event node. Today, I had to do the same and had difficulty remembering exactly how I did it. I decided to document the process for myself and anyone else that might need help on this topic.

Apparently, the calendar module for Drupal 6 had a popup feature built in (or a contrib module, I'm not certain). 

The solution I choose to go with was the one mentioned in the previously mentioned discussion, in the issues queue for the Calendar module. 

Required Modules: 

  • Views, Views UI, Chaos tools
  • Colorbox
  • Date, Date API, Date Views
  • Calendar


  • Install required modules
  • Install Colorbox library (see README.txt in Colorbox module or documention for instructions).
    (Drush users can use the command "drush colorbox-plugin".)

Configuration (general):

  • Enable all required modules
  • Create your calendar view ("Add view from template")

Configuration (views):

  • Make sure to add the fields you wish to display in pop-up. But, be sure to check "Exclude from display" if you don't want them to show up on the calendar. 
  • Make sure to deselect "Link this field to the original piece of content" on the "Title" field even if you have checked "Exclude from display." Popup will not work if this box is checked.  
  • Add following field "Colorbox: Colorbox Trigger" to display. Configure field as follows:
    • Trigger field: Set to the FIELD you wish to trigger the popup. Note, you may only choose from fields listed before the "Colorbox Trigger" field.
    • Popup: Use HTML and Replacement Patterns to configure contents of the popup window.
    • Height & Width: Set as desired.

If you have an alternative suggestion for creating popup events, please share.......